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I like kittens & burritos.
Wal-Mart makes me anxious.
And bulldogs make me cry.
Aspiring Disney princess.
Harry Potter whore.

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Off to Walt Disney World! by Silver1SWA (Ryan Pastorino) on Flickr.

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Disney Cruise!


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Disney Store: Frozen:)


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Cinderella, you’re as lovely as your name

Cinderella, you’re a sunset in a frame

Wednesday afternoon Addy had a very special visited!  A friend of mine had reached out to her friends on facebook to her friends to see see if anybody had any connections with Disney.  Someone answered back and they were able to set up a visit from Cinderella.  When I saw Cinderella for the first time in the PICU I became extremely overwhelmed (in a good way) and bascially lost it!  At the time it was just my mom, Addy and I in the room (Tracy and Jeramie had gone to Universal Studios for the day and James was heading to the car shop to see about our van).  I immediately told my mom to call James and he came back with plenty of time to hang out with Cinderella!  Cinderella stayed for a few hours.  At this point Addy was very tired and kept drifting off the sleep while Cinderella talked, read and sang to her.  Cinderella felt it was very important for Princess Addy to get her beauty rest for the ball so she would go visit with another little girl and then come back.  Total she spent about 3 hours at the PICU that day!  Addy’s respiratory therapist that day was a true blessing.  As soon as Cinderella arrived she grabbed my camera and took over 100 pictures!  The last time Cinderella came in to visit Princess Addy was wide awake and pleasantly shocked to see Cinderella was still there.  They spent about 30 minutes talking back and forth about Lucifer, Jack Jack, Gus, Prince Charming and the ball!  Seeing my princess meet Cinderella is something I will NEVER forget and I’m so thankful for my friend Sandy, Disney and Cinderella! As the day went on Addy started to get really tired and we knew her BiPap machine wasn’t going to be enough.  We met with the Dr in Orlando and knew to get Addy safely to Roanoke or Wisconsin our best bet was going to be to intubate her (especially since she was tiring out).  James and I made the decision Wednesday night if we had to intubate we would transfer Addy to Dr. Schroth in WI and not home.   

Cinderella, if you give your heart a chance
It will lead you, to the kingdom of romance
There you’ll see your dreams unfold
Cinderella, Cinderella
In the sweetest story ever told

This is beautiful. So so beautiful

This is why I love Disney.

Wow. This is absolutely beautiful. 

This genuinely breaks my heart for the right reasons. Disney gives hope to so many. 

This made me cry a little. I’m so happy that there was someone who had such an amazing heart.

My heart!!!


Just….wow.  Brava to her!

Oh the feels

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I just looked at my shelf and saw that my Hans doll had fallen over


thing is I gave him a sword a while ago so…


he literally stabbed her in the back

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I got a Chip cup from Beauty and the Beast! They are exclusive to Disneyland & Disneysea Tokyo.

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