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I like kittens & burritos.
Wal-Mart makes me anxious.
And bulldogs make me cry.
Aspiring Disney princess.
Harry Potter whore.

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tina you fat lard come get some dinner

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i followed my heart and it led me into the fridge

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Olafs not the only one who likes warm hugs

You forgot the best warm hug of them all:


I legitimately thought that that last gif was going to be this one (and was sadly disappointed when it wasn’t):

harry potter animated gif on Giphy

Reblogging for the disney ones but the last one made this 10 times better

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Disney Survey: Send me a number

  • General
  • 1: All time favorite Disney movie
  • 2: Top 5 Disney movies
  • 3: Favorite Princess
  • 4: Favorite Prince
  • 5: Favorite couple
  • 6: Favorite villain
  • 7: Favorite heroine
  • 8: Favorite hero
  • 9: Favorite sidekick
  • The Parks
  • 10: Disneyland or Disney World
  • 11: Favorite ride
  • 12: Favorite park within the resort (i.e Epcot)
  • 13: Favorite land inside a resort (i.e. Tomorrowland)
  • 14: Favorite Disney snack
  • 15: Favorite Disney restaurant
  • 16: Favorite Attraction/Show
  • 17: Favorite secret/underrated spot in the parks
  • 18: What three locations would you want to stay at overnight in the parks
  • 19: Favorite character to interact with
  • 20: Which character's handwriting do you wish to have
  • 21: Your favorite memory with a face character
  • 22: A character that you are/have been scared of approaching
  • 23: A character that the parks should permanently have
  • 24: Favorite Disney Hotel
  • 25: Describe a typical day at Disney for you
  • 26: Planning to do the Disney College Program? If you’ve already done it, what was your position? If you haven’t, what would you like to do?
  • This or that
  • 27: Snow White or Cinderella
  • 28: Ariel or Belle
  • 29: Pocahontas or Mulan
  • 30: Aurora or Rapunzel
  • 31: Tiana or Jasmine
  • 32: Meg or Kida
  • 33: Stitch or Pooh
  • 34: Eugene Fitzherbert or Prince Eric
  • 35: Prince Charming or The Prince (from Snow White)
  • 36: Li Shang or John Smith
  • 37: Prince Philip or The Beast
  • 38: Prince Naveen or Aladdin
  • 39: Hercules or Milo
  • Princesses
  • 40: How long has your favorite Disney princess been your favorite
  • 41: Have you ever meet your favorite princess in the parks
  • 42: List the princesses from most favorite to least favorite
  • 43: Which princess’ story is the most similar to your life
  • 44: Which princess’ personality is most similar to yours
  • More
  • 45: All time favorite song
  • 46: Favorite love song
  • 47: Favorite villain song
  • 48: Favorite non-lyrical song
  • 49: Favorite wardrobe
  • 50: Outfit you wish you had
  • 51: What character(s) have you Disneybounded as/ want to Disneybound as
  • 52: Your Disney look-a-like
  • 53: Disney character would you like to be paired with
  • 54: Voice do you wish you had (singing and speaking)
  • 55: Disney movie cheers you up
  • 56: Disney movie make you sad
  • 57: The most underrated Disney movie
  • 58: The most overrated Disney movie
  • 59: Favorite Pixar movie
  • 60: Favorite quote
  • 61: Favorite non-animated Disney movie
  • 62: Best soundtrack
  • 63: Last Disney movie you watched
  • 64: Two characters that would be great friends
  • 65: Two characters that would be enemies
  • 66: Two characters that should be paired up, but aren't

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Ellen Degeneres is the greatest because she doesn’t insult anyone but she doesn’t tiptoe around anything either and she includes everyone and she makes people feel good about themselves while poking fun at them and this is the kind of comedy that should be embraced at award shows not misogynistic songs about breasts

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This gif makes more sense now

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in case you guys want to buy it

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My favorite character ever.

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